2 Oaks

2 oaks stand in a field in Lympstone. 

This gorgeous space is my inspiration and I hope that even the name ‘2 Oaks’ will serve to remind us to get out into the fresh air, connect with the earth and to ‘yoga’ (yolk/join) mind and body in our practice like the interwoven branches of the two oaks.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserves your love and affection.”

About Claire

Yoga is my anchor. It has held me steadfast through a busy career teaching English in schools and raising boys.

Like many others, my life is cluttered – scattered with people, unfinished projects and things I’ve said yes to. Yoga is what helps me navigate all that and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to share this practice with others. My journey to yoga began when I was 17 at a time when I had asthma and IBS, was anxious and suffered from glandular fever which had led to depression. Starting a weekly yoga class in my final year at school was a real turning point: those ills fell away. Without yoga my life would have been very different.

At times in my English teaching career, I wanted a bit more yoga (and its therapeutic qualities) in my life, so in 2009 I enrolled on a yoga foundation course. From then my enthusiasm grew, until I found that the only thing I really wanted to do, was share it. In 2012 I completed my DipY teacher training with Duncan Hulin (founder of DSY) and have been teaching yoga in my local community (at schools, leisure centres and village halls) ever since.

I live in Lympstone with my husband and my two boys who love adventure stories, the outdoors and wrestling each other. We go on bike rides and beach walks and camping trips; we surf, sail and paddleboard; we read, watch films and play computer games – but we try to meander our way through this life making ethically conscious choices, practising ahimsa (non-harming), so as not to negatively impact this gorgeous planet.


Claire Hilton

Yoga Teacher

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